26 Desember 2010

Jakarta Old Town Tour, Part 2

Every town has its own charm, as well as Jakarta. in Jakarta you will find not only modern building, but also the remnants of past-style mix of Dutch, Chinese, Arabic and Malay.
Entering this area you will feel taken with a time machine to tens or even hundreds of years ago, when Jakarta was called Batavia which is one of the largest city of the Netherlands East Indies

I think this area is built using dutch urban country with canals which divides the city and become one of the important modes of transportation. Jakarta is known as the bustling port city in Southeast Asia even after hundreds of years ago. therefore many of the nations residing in this town, they bring their own cultural and ultimately enrich the culture of Jakarta.
This area you can easily access from the glamorous downtown Jakarta by using various modes of transportation.
Do not forget to rent a bike to explore this area, bicycles for rent here is very unique because it is a classic bike that has existed since the time of the Dutch East Indies.
Do not forget also taste Indonesian food that you probably never felt before. Cafe Batavia is my favorite one.