26 Desember 2010

Jakarta Old Town Tour, Part 2

Every town has its own charm, as well as Jakarta. in Jakarta you will find not only modern building, but also the remnants of past-style mix of Dutch, Chinese, Arabic and Malay.
Entering this area you will feel taken with a time machine to tens or even hundreds of years ago, when Jakarta was called Batavia which is one of the largest city of the Netherlands East Indies

I think this area is built using dutch urban country with canals which divides the city and become one of the important modes of transportation. Jakarta is known as the bustling port city in Southeast Asia even after hundreds of years ago. therefore many of the nations residing in this town, they bring their own cultural and ultimately enrich the culture of Jakarta.
This area you can easily access from the glamorous downtown Jakarta by using various modes of transportation.
Do not forget to rent a bike to explore this area, bicycles for rent here is very unique because it is a classic bike that has existed since the time of the Dutch East Indies.
Do not forget also taste Indonesian food that you probably never felt before. Cafe Batavia is my favorite one.

12 November 2010

Indonesian Traditional Houses, part 1

My great nation Indonesia has thousands of islands, there are so many unique culture of Indonesia.

Traditional house is a part of Indonesian culture, every region in Indonesia has its own traditional house that different each other. When i visited TMII (Taman Mini Indonesia Indah) i saw so many magnificent Indonesian traditional houses. let me introduce you some.

From Nangroe Aceh Darussalam.

Rumoh Aceh is beatiful wooden house with unique traditional engraving of Aceh.
it consists of 3 rooms generally,
  • seuramo keue as room for receiveing guests, reading Al-Qur'an and boy beds
  • Jureu which is devided in 2 chamber (rumoh inong and ruang anjong
  • seuramo liekot as kitchen and dinning room

From Kalimantan Barat (West Kalimantan/Borneo)

Rumah Betang is a home for many families, its length will be increased if there is a new family, that's why they call this house rumah panjang/long house. in this house all the society member life in peace and help each other

this house is 3-5 meters above the ground in order to save the resident from the enemy or wild animals.

Painting of Dayak Warrior as wall decoration

26 September 2010

TVRI Tower, Jakarta

TVRI (Televisi Republik Indonesia) Tower, located at Senayan Jakarta, It was Jakarta's tallest structure. this tower is one of landmarks of this city.

Although there are so many great structures at Jakarta but TVRI Tower still become my favourite one because it looks strong among other strong buildings arround it.

  • You can also find many shopping centres at Senayan such as Senayan City and Plaza Senayan.
  • Bung Karno Stadium, the one of the biggest stadiums on earth is near from this tower.
  • Don't forget to see the unique Indonesian Parlement building near TVRI tower.

04 September 2010

Blok M, Jakarta

Blok M is an area at Southern Jakarta. This is transit point for many visitor who want to travel around JABODETABEK (Jakarta, Bogor, Tangerang and Bekasi). if you chose to use public transportation to explore Jabodetabek you can find suitable mass transportation base on your direction here. Blok M bus terminal consist of 6 corridors.
Blok M is also one of the largest commercial areas in Jakarta, many tourists buy their Jakarta trip souvenir here.


  • You can use Transjakarta to reach Blok M from the other famous areas such as Monas, Hotel Indonesia and Sudirman Central Bussines Distric
  • There are 3 cinemas at Blok M, you may watch interesting Indonesian and Foreign movies here .

31 Mei 2010

Inside DC-9-32

Please play video below, :)

DC-9-32 at Transportation Museum, TMII, Jakarta

DC-9-32 was first plane i ride and this is my favourite plane type, i hope i will have replica of this plane someday. :)

25 Mei 2010

Naluri Dokumentator

Saya tipe orang yang suka memperhatikan segala hal di sekitar saya termasuk iklan di mangkok bakso.

Saat saya makan bakso bersama teman kebetulan dapat mangkok bakso yang ada gambar iklan yang saya belum pernah lihat, ini gambar-gambarnya

langsung saja naluri dokumentator saya muncul, dengan bantuan kamera handphone kesayangan dan penuh kenangan saya buat gambar-gambar di atas. :)

22 Mei 2010

Jakarta Invert Pictures

Jakarta is the biggest city in SouthEast Asia, and always be developed day by day, there is always something new appear in Jakarta, it will make you amaze in every visit.

just ask the people if you need information about reaching anyplace in this city, they will help you well. most of them can speak in english.

don't forget to learn Bahasa Indonesia, it's is one of the most spoken languages on earth, you can practise it in Jakarta, very interesting.

Next month is Jakarta anniversary, i want to celebrate it by making invert pictures of Jakarta. :)

I apologize for the quality of the pictures, i'm not a profesional photographer actualy. :)

05 April 2010


Cibinong has so many places for you to relax. With fresh air, magnificent lakes and friendly people will make you feel like home, easy for you to find popular Indonesian cuisine here

You can visit Cibinong when you drive from Jakarta to Puncak (other tourist spot at West Java).

One of many lakes at Cibinong

29 Januari 2010

Cat World

one of the activities I do in my spare time is watching a cat, here are some cats that I observe, enjoy.

Housecat doesn't like water

Curious Cat

Cat needs about 16 hours a day for sleeping