31 Mei 2010

Inside DC-9-32

Please play video below, :)
DC-9-32 at Transportation Museum, TMII, Jakarta

DC-9-32 was first plane i ride and this is my favourite plane type, i hope i will have replica of this plane someday. :)

25 Mei 2010

Naluri Dokumentator

Saya tipe orang yang suka memperhatikan segala hal di sekitar saya termasuk iklan di mangkok bakso.

Saat saya makan bakso bersama teman kebetulan dapat mangkok bakso yang ada gambar iklan yang saya belum pernah lihat, ini gambar-gambarnya

langsung saja naluri dokumentator saya muncul, dengan bantuan kamera handphone kesayangan dan penuh kenangan saya buat gambar-gambar di atas. :)

22 Mei 2010

Jakarta Invert Pictures

Jakarta is the biggest city in SouthEast Asia, and always be developed day by day, there is always something new appear in Jakarta, it will make you amaze in every visit.

just ask the people if you need information about reaching anyplace in this city, they will help you well. most of them can speak in english.

don't forget to learn Bahasa Indonesia, it's is one of the most spoken languages on earth, you can practise it in Jakarta, very interesting.

Next month is Jakarta anniversary, i want to celebrate it by making invert pictures of Jakarta. :)

I apologize for the quality of the pictures, i'm not a profesional photographer actualy. :)